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Update – June 2019

It has been a little while since I’ve blogged on this site due to some major life changes.

The biggest change was the birth of my first child at the end of last year. I didn’t organise any travel studies for this year because I knew that my time and energy would be taken up with my new little one, and boy what that true. Will I ever not be tired again?

My little munchkin is amazing and just received his first passport!! We are headed on a road trip to Canada this month and that will be his first international trip on the outside. While I was pregnant I visited 10 different countries with him so he is already well accustomed to travel and trying different foods. Let me say that the smell of pickled herring in Amsterdam was not what pregnant me needed.

The next big change is that I quit my tenure track position and will be headed to another university this academic year in a visiting position. There were many reasons for this move and one of them was the lack of real support for travel study and study abroad. Despite it being in the mission statement of my college to educate global citizens there was never more than lip service support.

I know that travel studies are set up is so different in different regions and institutions so I’m hoping to open up to more guest posting in the future. If you are interested in guest posting then please read out as I would love to feature as many perspectives as possible.

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