Why lead a travel study?

Why I lead travel studies – Quotes from students

Leading a travel study is a huge time commitment, it is stressful and you have to give up your hard-earned time off. So why lead a travel study?

Most of my students have never left the country before and as business students in a global world I believe that it is imperative for them to have an understanding of the ‘big wide world’ out there. To directly quote my students

“I knew that other countries existed but I also questioned it, now that I’ve been to Europe the things I read and hear about other countries seem so much realer [sic]”

– 20-year-old female

“Today I traveled to a foreign country which is something that I have never done before.”

– 40-year-old male

I have traveled so much that sometimes I get complacent with all the exciting things I am seeing/smelling/tasting and taking people who have no or limited traveling experience lets me enjoy the youthful bright-eyed moments through them.

“I will dream of that pizza for the rest of my life”

– 20-year-old female (after eating pizza in Rome)

I get to pass my passion for travel on to my students

“Experiencing the culture and goings-on’s of the country has fuel my drive to go to other parts of the worlds [sic] and experience more and more. I believe that American students have become content staying in their small city bubbles when we should be experiencing the world and learning more constantly… I will go out and experience the world.

– 21-year-old male

I get to push my students outside of their comfort zones

“Since I have never flown before, getting on a plane was a huge step out of my comfort zone.”

– 19-year-old female

“We stepped out of the terminal and people were speaking a foreign language. It made me uncomfortable since I had never dealt with a situation like that.”

– 21-year-old male (landing in San José, Costa Rica)

They don’t just learn about business (or the travel study focus)

“…because I drink coffee everyday … it was really interesting to see the process that takes a small coffee fruit [sic] from plant to cup”

– 40-year-old male (after visiting a coffee plantation in Costa Rica)

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