Scheduling tools for Instagram
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Scheduling tools for Instagram to develop your brand and save you time

Save time by scheduling your Instagram posts. I am a huge advocate for batching your social media so that it doesn’t become a time-wasting procrastination technique. Here is a break down of my favourite software options.

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Key features: Bulk upload, feed preview, calendar, saved captions, hashtag suggestions, auto posting for Instagram business accounts and avilable both online and app.

The free account gets you 1 social profile per platform, photos, basic analytics, and the ability to search and repost content. The free version allows 30 Instagram posts a month (use this referral link when you sign up for 10 more posts a month)

Upgrade for Hashtag suggestions, best time to post, multi photos per post and video.


Key features: Bulk upload, feed preview, time shots schedule, auto post, shuffle queue, powerful paid plan with easy snapshot analytics, trending posts, and hashtag monitoring.

The free account gets you 31 posts and basic analytics.

Upgrade for reaction score, engagement score and engagement rate. Full (paid) accounts are needed to access the trending posts, peak days and time, and hashtag monitoring.


Not as powerful or user-friendly for Instagram however a viable option if you are using Hootsuite for Twitter (where it is feature rich) and don’t want to have multiple programs to manage your different accounts. For me the lack of a visual feed preview is a deal breaker as I want to view my posts next to each other before posting.


Again this program is not as user-friendly or feature rich for Instagram as other options but does the job if you want to combine with your Twitter scheduling. As with the previous program, the lack of visual feed makes this one a poor option for me.


  • L. A.

    After reading this article (and a few others on your site about social media presence), I downloaded Tailwind last night. It took me over an hour to get it on my computer and phone and figure out how to start a draft (it just kept taking me to the demo that wouldn’t save), and I scheduled my first post for this morning…and then it didn’t post!

    These “tools” are nothing more than glorified spreadsheets that send out reminders. The user still has to go on their phone and find the photo to post to Instagram and copy in the caption and hashtags. I might as well make google calendar reminders with the copy and the image!

    TL;DR: Tailwind is a total waste of time and processing power; don’t use it.

    • The Professor Is Out

      I’m sorry to hear that you had issues with the software. These tools auto-schedule for me. In particular, I find Pinterest scheduling with Tailwind easy to use and after batching my pins I can set and forget. I also use both Tailwind and Later for Instagram and have never had issues with the program auto-posting for me.

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