Are packing cubes worth it? The story of eBags.

Are packing cubes worth it? The story of eBags.

The latest craze in travel is packing cubes. My first question was are they worth it? 

Here is my take on packing cubes.

I’ve been traveling for over a decade and take multiple domestic and international trips a year. Last month I travelled to Italy and Rome with a group of 18 students. I decided that it was time to try the packing cubes. I shopped around online, watched a few videos, and liked the idea of the Ultralight cubes by eBags. Having taken them out on their first trip here in my pros and cons:


  • eBags make you feel super organised
  • You can very easily unpack your whole bag and repack it again very quickly while on the road (great for trips with multiple hotels/cities)
  • The Ultralight are ultra light! They make you feel like you have more room in your suitcase even though you are actually adding with the cubes.
  • They are all the same colour (if like me your love order to your life) – see also this in the cons list
  • Great quality. They are very very thin (hence the name ultralight) but feel and look very high quality. Update (After 40+ trips with my ebags): Two of my bags actually have a small tear on the seams 🙁 


  • Once you wear some items of clothing you have to put them back in the same cube with your clean clothing (So far I have just put my worn clothing in the bottom of my suitcase until I use all of my clothing). The solution would be to buy a second set and pack them empty to start.
  • The Ultralight Packing Cubes come in packs with all the same colour so it is hard to tell which cube has what in it. Long term I will buy some other colours.

Verdict: Could I travel without them? Yes! Do I want to? No!  I certainly will be using them every trip from now on




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