States I've visited

Am I better than 90% of US presidents?

I once read an article about US presidents who had visited every state of America while president. Coming from a country with only 6 states this idea at first seemed way to easy…. famous last words.

In August 2014 I accepted a job as an Assistant Professor at a university in the USA. So I packed up my life into a suitcase and moved continents to start my American adventure.

Some time in my first year Obama visited his 50th state and joined just 3 other presidents in the history of America to visit every state while president. Could I do in the same time what 90% of presidents never did? Challenge accepted. The goal is to meaningful visit all 50 states of the USA in 8 years while working full-time. 3 years in and my map is looking full. 28 states visited!

States I've visited
The race is on… 28 states down. 5 years to go.

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