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About me – The Professor Is Out

I am an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Tennessee. I have a PhD in Consumer Behaviour from Southern Cross University (Australia).

I originally started this blog for professors, administrators, and staff of colleges and universities who wanted to overcome the challenges of international educational experiences and create more opportunities for all students to participate in a life-changing international experience. As I created content I soon realised that my most popular posts were about developing a personal brand for academic and non-academic careers, and side-hustles. Therefore, I switched up the focus of this blog in January 2019.

I earned my Doctorate of Philosophy in 2013.  I taught at a university in Australia for a few years while completing my PhD and for a year afterwards. Then the professor is out: I moved to the USA and taught as a Visiting Professor for a year and now I have a tenure track position which I started in 2015. (If you are considering an academic position in the USA check out this blog series.) As part of my job I lead students on travel studies all around the world and during my downtime in summer and winter breaks travel to far-flung countries to explore. The Professor Is Out.

Also in my ‘spare time’ I help small businesses create marketing strategy.

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